About Us

We are a group of highly motivated and energetic people passionate about fashion jewelry design and craftsmanship committed to delivering a great product.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service, opportunity, and reliability by building strong relationships, providing tools for success, and maintaining consistent inventory so that people are empowered to succeed.

Our Core Values Are

Optimistic Team Culture
Being Efficient & Effective
Being Goal Driven

We are an enduring pioneer in the fashion jewelry industry. While we value tradition, we also seek innovation, adapt to change, design voraciously, deliver consistently, succeed mutually, stand behind our brand, and grow with you. But we started small.

First Things First

There is no extravagant story about how jewelry-4 u was started. The truth is that we have humble beginnings. The first thing we want to share is that jewelry-4 u is a company owned and operated by God. Yes – we are a family owned organization founded on Christian faith. We love everyone regardless of belief. We want to share that we work for a God who loves relentlessly and has redeemed us in mercy and grace through Christ. This ideology of grace sits at the core of who we are as a company.

Service and Quality

We have a design team in California and Israel. We have an experienced sales and support staff in California. We have a seasoned back-office warehouse in Nazareth Israel. We have our own fashion jewelry factory to produce our designs. So we are very confident in our collective product.

We Care About

Quality, Service, Commitment, Price

What We Strive to Be

Best in quality of good.
Best in customer service.
Best in commitment to customer success.
Best in price per value.

We are the largest ecommerce in fashion jewelry today. God brought us here and He will lead us forward.